Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Here's some fun facts about me!
1. I'm not super good at keeping a clean house. There are almost always clothes on the floor in our room. And in the living room, sure they're clean...but I fold them and leave them there for days. And there are almost always dishes in the sink. Gross.
This is what's sitting in front of me right now...I should probably do something about that.
2. I don't make very much money. I have a Bachelor's degree and it's not being put to use. I can't seem to find any good jobs where we live and I refuse to work a job that I will hate. And Rayce doesn't even mind. He has no problem paying most the bills. And he still manages to treat me with uneccesary suprises and dinners.
3. I'm not super skinny or have even close to a perfect body or even a body that I'm happy with.
4. I wake Rayce up almost every night by getting up to pee.
5. Rayce usually has to drive...because I don't want to.
6. I cook the same things over and over again. Except Sunday when I made this delish dinner.
Sweet potato chili...probably the best thing I've ever made. No joke. And it's super easy. Let me know if you want the recipe!
And get this...Rayce still loves me!
Sometimes I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about how much I love him. For real. And then I just feel really lucky that he loves me despite what I think are some not so good qualities. I'm a lucky lucky girl.