Sunday, November 24, 2013


Welcome to day 24 of The Thankful Project! If you're just joining us, you can find out more about the project here. Today's prompt is "a physical trait you have."
I don't know about you...but it's hard for me to come up with things I like about my appearance. Sure, I'm a pretty average looking female...I probably shouldn't complain as much as I do. But hey, it happens. So if I had to choose one thing about my physical appearance that I like I would choose my eyes.
My eyes are what I get the most comments on...since high school anyway when all people (guys) commented on were my huge boobs. Luckily the boob thing isn't that big of an issue anymore :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I'm thankful that I've seen the Appalachian Mountains. My solo drive from Iowa, my home for 22 years to North Carolina was amazing. I'm glad I drove by myself. I saw the mountains for the first time and I stopped whenever I felt like it just do stare off into them. Rolling hills and mountains and trees for miles and miles. I couldn't believe it. It was breathtaking. These pictures don't do it justice.

And today I was invited to Breckenridge in December by my best friend and her husband!! I'm so excited to see the Rockies!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another edition of the boy behind my blog!

Ok so this is my third post today...what the shit is happening? Is that a blogging no-no? Whatever, I do what I want!
Another edition of Boys Behind the Blog!! Thanks Mal and Stephanie for this awesome link up! 
1. Who is your favorite band/musician?
The Devil Wears Prada and James Taylor...two opposite ends of the spectrum. (We both like lots of different's pretty great)
(I could listen to James for the rest of my life...something about his music is just does wonders for me)
2. What was your first CD/tape?
Limp Bizkit
3. Who was your first concert?
Sadly, Rascal Flatts
4. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Cheesy mashed potatoes
5. Finish the sentence: I am thankful for...
Internal combustion engines...(really??)
Mal Smiles

Advocare 10 day cleanse

I jumped on the bandwagon. I've been reading about this cleanse on some blogs that I love so I decided to try it out. I didn't think it would be very hard for me because I eat pretty clean anyway. Sure I was sad about cutting bread and crackers. I love my carbs! But other than that I wasn't worried. I was pretty scared of the fiber drink, though! So here is a day by day of how I felt during the cleanse.
Monday- First day, easy peasy. The fiber drink is just thick. I mixed it with OJ and it tasted fine. I felt great other than my stomach feeling a bit rumbly all day. But then in the evening my monthly friend came to visit, so that could be why. I ate a small bowl of Mini Wheats (probably not supposed to but whatever) along with the fiber drink. Strawberries and grapes for morning snack. A big delicious salad for lunch. A serving of cashews and raw carrots and my protein shake for afternoon snack. And pork chops, half a sweet potato and asparagus for dinner. I ran great at the gym. Successful day!

Tuesday- Another good day. I ate everything the same as yesterday except for dinner (good thing I'm not easy to please). Tonight we had baked chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Lean meat, oranges, and can you go wrong?! I felt good again today. I wanted sugar a couple times today, probably because there is a huge tub of leftover Halloween candy in my room at work that I have to walk past 235 times a day. But I didn't have any!

Wednesday- Same. Good.

Thursday- Had some serious cravings today. I was tempted with homemade pumpkin bars, Doritos, and M&M's at work but I didn't have any of it! One of my co-workers was on my last nerve today and I was so irritated and I just really really wanted Starbucks when I got off work. I literally sat in my car for 10 minutes deciding whether or not to cheat and get some. I didn't. Go me!!

Friday and Saturday- I really wanted to get a Monster. But I didn't. I went to dinner at Olive Garden with some girlfriends and wanted nothing more than a giant plate of pasta but I got grilled chicken and risotto instead (under 575 calories...bonus!) And stuck with drinking only water.

Sunday- I caved and got a Monster. Oh well.

Monday, Tuesay, Wednesday- Fine. I wasn't as careful Wednesday...I was sort of over it. I eat healthy all the time so I just let myself have a couple Starbursts without beating myself up about it. Glad to be done.

All in all...I probably won't do it again. I didn't really see or feel any different. I lost about 2 pounds. It was ok but I thought I'd be able to feel more energized or something and I didn't. Meh.


I take a lot of things for granted. I think we all do. Not on purpose...we just don't stop daily and think of all the things that make our lives easier. At least I don't. I get up, get ready, eat breakfast, go to work, feed, change, and play with about 12 tiny humans every day, go to the gym, eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed. So this is my list of things that I love in my life that I don't think about loving enough.
My bed
My pillows and blankets
My iphone
My toothbrush
My job
Tiny baby feet
Tiny baby smiles
Tiny baby snuggles
Tiny baby giggles
My health
My body and the fact that it works
My computer/internet/blogs
My recliner
Remote controls
Washing machine/dryer
Nail polish
Hair ties
My laptop
My car

Ok I have to stop. This could go on for days. Basically...I'm very blessed with all the things I'm even able to take for granted.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

He's pretty freaking great

I'm a lucky girl to have Rayce in my life. There are so many things about him I'm thankful for I could never name them all. I've never had anyone be so good to me before. He puts me first, always. He makes decisions with my interest in mind. He encourages me when I'm having a hard time. He scratches my head when I'm falling asleep. He kisses me when he leaves me and when he comes back. He does dishes and laundry as much as I do. He makes me feel comfortable. He tries new things with/for me. He hugs me just right. He talks in weird voices with me. He chose to be healthy with me. He makes me excited to come home from work because I missed him all day. I'm so thankful.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Thankful Project...a little late

Ok so I just came across this thing called the Thankful Project. You can read about it and find the prompts here. I probably won't do this everyday but we'll see. I also might do the ones I missed when November is over. Who knows! Anyways...
November 18 - A choice
I've sure made a lot of really stupid choices in my life...but there are also countless choices that I'm thankful for!
I'm thankful that I quit smoking
I'm thankful I dated some real douchebags. And broke up with them. I learned lots of lessons from those choices.
I'm thankful I went to college at the University of Northern Iowa where I met some of my very best friends.
I'm thankful I moved to North Carolina
I'm thankful I started working out and being healthy
 We make so many choices every day...I'm going to try my best to make good decisions that I can be thankful for!