Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Humpday!! That means I get to get some things off my chest. Which is always nice. Yay for confessions!

Ryan button was my first real day at my new job, by myself. my sister's been training me for the past two weeks and now it's the real deal! i didn't really get to work much today because i had a meeting this morning and a class this afternoon. so we'll see how tomorrow goes!

....allergies blow. I'm over this pollen shit.

....I'm really liking the whole 'business casual' thing.

....I've still been slacking with my eating and working out. I'm planning on buying my gym membership after i get paid on Friday. i really need to start planning meals better. sister is moving to florida on Friday. i don't want her to go :(

....I've gotten attached to my sister's dog since I've been in NC and I'm also sad to see him go :(

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

confess sesh

 ....first of all, i am so overwhelmed with my new job i don't know how to feel about it. it's just to learn. it's only my second day but i just don't feel like i'm getting it as fast as i'd like. my confidence is dwindling...

....i hate wearing thongs. i do. does this mean i'm getting old? 

....traffic pisses me off. maybe tomorrow i'll have my sister count how many swear words i use on our commute to work.

....i still haven't unpacked everything from my move

....this isn't really a confession, but...i'm happy with my decision to move back to north carolina. as i drove away from everything i've known for 2 years sobbing, i looked up and said "please just let me be doing the right thing" and now i know i have. 

....i'm going to dinner at a mexican restaurant for my cousin's birthday tomorrow and i'm planning on having a few margaritas...and i'm not sure if the amount of excitement i feel about this is normal

....i haven't really worked out since last thursday. this makes me really unhappy but i just really honestly haven't had time. i hate when people say that but i get it now. i'm looking forward to when things calm down with my job and i can start a routine and such.