Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

So I guess today I'm going to talk about what I've been doing for my workouts and healthy eating. Rayce and I have been doing Muscle and Fitness' "Superman workout." Check out the link if you want to really read and understand it, but basically what it is is supersets of exercises to work certain muscle groups. By doing supersets you work your muscles while also getting in some great cardio.
In addition to this workout, I've been doing extra cardio because I want that fat GONE! Just last week I started running jogging on the treadmill. The longest I've gone is a mile and a half...which is really good for me! Some days my asthma is worse and I can't run as long, which is ok. I'm getting better which is what counts!
As for what I eat...it's simple. We eat the same things over and over again. Boring, but healthy. No I'm not perfect. I still eat things from a box/can/some processed stuff...whatever. For breakfast I either have oatmeal drizzled with honey, a bowl of "healthy" cereal like Honey Nut Cherrios, or whole wheat toast with PB and banana. For lunch I almost always have a salad. Where I work we get homecooked lunches everyday so it's really hard for me to not eat what our cook makes. I usually have a little bit of whatever she makes...but I am much better at portion control now than I used to be. For dinner we just have some kind of lean protein like pork chops or chicken and a sweet potato or corn. I suck at making new recipes and we also don't have lots of extra money to spend on lots of ingredients so we just keep it simple. We don't mind. For snacks I have Special K bars, yogurt, fruit, carrots, trail mix, or crackers with PB or cheese. I could eat better, but I think I do pretty damn good.
Last night at the gym I decided that I'm going to take pictures of myself every Monday to show any progress I make. I took one Friday and put it next to a picture I took about 5 weeks ago. Even though I'm frustrated that I'm not losing pounds...I'm pretty happy with the progress. Inches are more important than pounds, right?!
April 29, 2013



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lifestyle change

So this is the first time I've written about Rayce and my "lifestyle change." We went from sitting on our asses and eating crap to working out an average of 5 days a week. We joined a gym on January 3rd and have been going faithfully ever since.
You can kind of see a bicep there!
I'm obviously really happy that we are doing this, but I'm also super frustrated. I've lost 2 pounds. In 4ish months. Is it just me or is that not normal? I've been working hard. Cardio and lifting weights. I can tell that I'm stronger and a little more toned...but I want the fat gone and I feel like it's not going anywhere.
For my cardio I use the elliptical (bumping up my resistance to about 12), the stationary bike, and the treadmill. Until this week I'd been walking on an incline because I'm scared of running, honestly. I have asthma (and I'm just really out of shape) and I can't breathe when I run and it's scary for me. This week I was able to run a mile without stopping..twice! So exciting!
   I walked the first 2 minutes...11 minute mile is good for me!

I just feel like with the amount of cardio I do and eating healthy, I should have lost weight by now! I try to not be negative and get down about it but it's really really hard. I know I'm doing good for my body and for my life but I want to see results!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Megan: According to Rayce

Linking up today with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for this awesome idea she came up with! I love it! So...here are the things my boyfriend had to say about me...in his exact words.
*Loves puppies more than most people
*Leaves a trail of belongings everywhere she goes
*Is often forgetful but in a cute funny way
*Can be funny and cute when trying to be serious or mad
*Believes in family first
*Can do bigger and better things but doesn't always know/believe it
*Would look good on her own motorcycle
*Prefers a quiet night in relaxing versus going out and partying
*Favorite place is the beach
*Hates snow and cold weather
*Beautiful even when she just gets out of bed
*Would pay you to be able to stay in bed an extra hour or 2 or 4
*Makes huge sacrifices for other people just because she cares
*Has an unhealthy addiction to carbs, Monster, and blogs
*Tries hard to get into my hobbies
*Loves board games and family time and is the biggest advocate for family game time
*Is truly the most caring, nice, and beautiful person I know
*Puts up with me even when I smell
I love this man

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finish this sentance...a little late!

So I started this post awhile ago and just remembered it so I don't think I can actually link up but I'll post it anyway!


Finish This Sentence...

Go visit Holly and Jake!!!

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...Some delicious giant plate of pasta from Olive Garden...ohmigod that sounds so good.

2. On my Prom night....I got ditched by my date, Mac. Which was fine, girlfriends are more fun anyway.

3. When I go to the store, I always buy...lately it's been milk and produce for salads. We've changed our lifestyles so much! :)

4. Family functions typically...mom's side involves delicious food, walks after eating too much delicious food, wine, and games. Dad's side involves booze and poker. Guaranteed good time!

5. I think my blog readers...are few and far between! I honestly don't feel like anyone reads my blog! Probably because I suck at blogging and hardly ever post anything. Whatever. If you do introduce yourself! I don't bite :)

6. I'd much rather be.....living in North Carolina.

7. I have an obsession with....Facebook/Instagram/reading blogs. Basically technology. It's kind of sad.

8. My work friends....I don't really consider anyone I work with a friend, per say. I've never hung out with them outside of work so I guess that answers that question.

9. When I created my Facebook account....I don't really remember creating it. I think I was a junior in high school.

10. My least favorite word is...moist or panties. Especially in the same sentance...shit's sick. Also carcass and phlegm are pretty disgusting as well.

11. I really don't remember....oh my, lots of things. I don't really remember a whole lot from my childhood. Is that weird? I feel like I only think I remember shit when I see pictures. Other than that I forget shit all the time.

12. Justin Bieber....looks like a very feminine 12 year old boy. Sorry...not sorry.
Seriously...he's so feminine it's weird.