Sunday, August 5, 2012

First blog ever!

Hi, friends...I'm Megan and I've been wanting to start a blog for awhile now but I didn't think my life was exciting enough to write about, haha. We'll see!
This is me
Actually this is me about two years ago, but it's my favorite picture of myself so I'm using it!

This is the other person you'll be hearing about most in my blog. The boyfriend, Rayce. He loves everything that is cars, motorbikes, four-wheelers, etc.
Example #1:
Example #2: Yes, he's in there! Autocrossing? ha
Example #3:

We're both from the same small town in Iowa called DeWitt. We went to high school together and were great friends but didn't start dating until the beginning of this year. I'll post our love story sometime soonish, hopefully!

I have no special reason for this blog...I'm not a cook, a crafty DIYer, a mom, etc. Just a twenty something trying to figure out my life! Hope you'll stick around and we can be friends!

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