Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photo 411

Hi friends! I'm doing my first link up and let me say...I made figuring out how to do this much harder than it really is. Newbie right hurrr. So, I just started following Erin at Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink (funny girl :) ) and I'm linking up to show you some pictures of yours truly.

10 different items to add 10 different pictures to.

1. Your Little Tyke Self - you as an infant/toddler/child
2. Your High School Self - duh
3. Your College Self - if you didn't go to college get creative
4. Your Right Now Self - a recent picture of yourself
5. Your Furry Friend - your real pet or what you'd die to have as a pet
6. Your Manly Friend - boyfriend/husband/gay bff/celeb crush
7. Where You Once Lived - a place you no longer live in
8. Where You Now Live - wherever your butt currently resides
9. What You Love - self explanatory
10. What You Miss - could be anything

1. My little tyke self: Me with my cousin, Amy circa...1993?

2. My high school self: Me and my friend, Steph...junior year?

3. My college self: At a party with friends Wes, Tanner, and Brett. I look ridiculous in this picture but it shows how happy I was in this moment/time in my life :)

4. My right now self: Me (on the left) with some of my beautiful friends from high school

5. My furry friend: I soooo wish I could have my own furry friend, but our living situation plus the fact that the boyfriend doesn't love dogs is quite the issue. (We WILL have a dog someday!) So this is a picture of my mom's dog. Her real name is Quincy, but we call her Brown, Brownie, Brown Dog, etc. I love her :)

6. My manly friend: Rayce...what a hottie!

7. Where I once lived: Raleigh,North Carolina...hoping to someday move back to NC...just have to convince Mr. Man...

8. Where you live now: Waterloo, Iowa...ugghhh. Turns out it's not my favorite.

9. What you love: My family, duh

10. What you miss: My over 1000 miles from her is sooo hard. Miss you mom!

Well, that's that!

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