Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend recap

Happy Monday!

Guess who I got to meet see this past weekend?!?!

This guy! That's right, Patrick Dempsey/Dr. McDreamy. And oh mylanta is he dreamy. I thought he was good looking on TV but holy shit is he beautiful in person. Turns out he's a race car driver...who knew! I felt like a huge creep because I was standing 2 feet in front of him and I just held my camera out and snapped pictures. Apparently being in the presence of such a gorgeous human makes me not be able to put complete sentences together. All I could muster out was a lame "thank" as he handed me his autographed poster. I should have said something like "You are effing beautiful" or "Can I have your babies?" but I suppose he gets things like that all the time. PS- he got 2nd place in his series in the American Le Mans race we were case you were wondering.

Here he is in his racing gear...anyone else drooling?
Dempsey's car

It was a pretty fun weekend. If you're into cars (or your boyfriend and his family are reeeally into cars) I was mostly just along for the ride. I'm trying to learn but there is just so much information. So many makes and models...v8's and v6's...turbocharged and supercharged. I feel like there is no way I'll ever learn even half the stuff Rayce tries to teach me. Pretty much the only cars I can point out myself are corvettes and Porsches. Speaking of corvettes...

Me and my daddy. He and my Uncle Dave go to the American Le Mans race here:

Here are some other pictures I snapped
My studly boyfriend
Caught taking a snooze during a race...whoops

This $250,000 Ferrari belonged to a highschooler...

This is my favorite car...BMW Z4. If anyone wants to buy me one that'd be great. Thanks.

Rayce and his sister Renee trying to build our fire

Buying these:
 Makes this happen:

Yep, that's my ass after sitting in chocolate for about an hour.

 Don't you just wanna snuggle him? I do.

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  1. Wow, you got to see Patrick Dempsey in real life?? I've never even seen anyone remotely famous in real life, let alone get an autograph!