Monday, August 6, 2012

Common conversations

I really just had to document this's a conversation I'm pretty sure we will have some sort of variation of almost daily for the rest of our lives. This boy and his hobbies...often drive me nuts!

R- Should I get this bike or save up for a nice car? I want an S2000.
M- Well, before you sold your old bike you didn't really ride it that much.
R- Yeah I did, I rode it to work and around sometimes.
M- But I thought you really wanted an S2000. You've been talking about them for months.
R- I do, but I can't afford one right now.
M- maybe the bike is the better option.
R- But if I got that bike I'd have to fix the fering. And add exhaust which would be like $800.
M- Holy shit! You'd have to add exhaust or you want to add exhaust?
R- (With a smirk on his face) I'd have to.
M- So basically you're going to spend $800 on any bike you buy?
R- Possibly. But if I got a pretty car I'd be afraid to drive it. It'd sit in the garage and I'd look at it and have to get new wheels and suspension.
M: So done talking about this right now.

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