Friday, September 21, 2012

7 questions

1. Do you ever have reoccurring dreams?
Not anymore...I used to have the same dream about brushing my teeth and then all of a sudden the sink was full of all my teeth and a ton of blood...not a fan of that one.

2. It's the first day of Fall (or Spring for you southern hemispherers) in a few days, what are you looking forward to most?
Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. Sweatshirt weather. Holidays. This will be the first year I'll get trick or treaters at my house!!

3. Because a lack of coordination, would you rather not be able to tie your shoes or cut your own food?
Tie my own shoes...I'd just wear slip ons or flip flops which I wear 75% of the time anyways.

4. Would you rather live in a house made entirely of glass or a house with no windows?
A house made entirely of glass...There's always curtains or something?!

5. Would you rather walk on you toes or heels forever?
Toes...I feel like that is easier.

6. What's your favorite sense? (you have 5 btw)
Sight...I'm so thankful to have all of my senses but my sight especially. I have really sensitive eyes and sometimes I get scared that I'll go blind someday. Weird I know. A good friend of Rayce's family was in a motorcycle accident when he was young and lost his sense of smell and taste...that'd be so strange! Moral of the story....wear helmets!

7. What's your favorite movie quote of all time?
I really can't answer this...I'm the worst with movie quotes. People always say them and I'm like...What? I don't get it...and then they tell me it's from a movie. I never know what the hell they're talking about.

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