Sunday, September 23, 2012

His & Her Q & A

How would a classmate have described you in high school?
His: Not popular...gear head maybe
Her: A social butterfly
What was a toy from childhood you never had but coveted?
His: Probably a playstation 2 or something. I always wanted one but could never afford one and by the time I could they were old news
Her: My sister and I always wanted American Girl dolls. We each had 2 but we wanted them all!
What is your biggest flaw?
His: My attitude. I always feel like I need to be right.
Her: Being lazy. I hate that I am....but there's no denying it.
What do you do on your bad days to make you happy?
His: When I had a motorcycle I would go out and ride hard. Now just go for a bicycle ride.
Her: Most of the time I just need some alone time. Or a nap.

What does your other half do for you on your bad days to make you happy?
His: Makes me food.
Her: He always gets me to smile. At first I get super annoyed and mad at him but eventually I can't help but laugh at him.

When you go to an event/party/potluck, what food do you hope is there?
His: Mashed potatoes!
Her: Agreed! Any kind of potatoes really...and green bean casserole.
What are your favorite smartphone apps?
His: Maps and Facebook and Speed Channel App...and weather.
Her: Am I the only person that doesn't have a smartphone?? Sadly I still have a Blackberry.
What is something that always embarrasses you?
His: People having to wait on me. Like in a store or something...if I'm holding up a line.
Her: When I don't know what a word/something means. I feel stupid.
What is some of the best advice your parents have given you?
His: Not to go in debt and respect your elders.
Her: My dad always told me "nothing good happens after midnight" and "prior planning prevents piss poor performance" ha that one always sticks in my head.

Who is your celebrity man crush?
His: Tom Hardy.
Her: This is hard for me...I'll go with Tom Hardy too.
His&Her Q&A


  1. My husband and I don't have smartphones either, so you're not the only one. And I think it's cute that you both have the same man crush :) I love this link up - it's my favorite of the week!

    You can find our answers to these questions at :)

  2. Hi, stopping by from the Friday Chaos Bloghop! I'm one of the co-hosts this week and now your newest follower! Thanks so much for linking up! If you get the chance, we'd love you to stop by the blog and follow back :) Thanks,
    Vikki xxx

  3. Oh, I get embarrassed too when I don't know what a word means. We are in the same boat!

    Visiting through Love the Grows! I really enjoy filling out their questions too! :)