Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Addison Margaret Greene

Today is Addison Margaret Greene's 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, she isn't here spending it with her mommy, daddy, and baby sister Lela. Addison is my cousin Heather's daughter, stillborn on September 4, 2009.
Isn't she beautiful?
My cousin Heather wrote this poem for Addison...only a mother could write something like this.
Happy Birthday, Addison Margaret.

Forever My Baby

Addison Margaret, you would be three.
And oh, what a beautiful three you would be!
I think you'd have skin like a porcelain doll
With fingers like mine, and a frame that is small.
Your hair would be long with a little girl's shine,
and would show all the colors of red, just like mine.

I imagine you holding my hand as we walk
and hearing you squeal or excitedly talk
as your eyes fall upon something they've never seen.
Your eyes...I bet they're an emerald green.

You wouldn't have freckles
Not yet, anyway.
Those would come later, when you're five I would say.

I think you'd be thoughtful
With a heart true and kind
You'd be smart as a whip with a curious mind!

I'd be watching you skip, and hearing you sing
And wondering what kind of new joy you'd bring.
I bet you'd love dancing and painting your nails
Wearing high heels, and telling great tales!

Would you love to wear dresses?
Would you walk on tip toes?
Would you snort when you laughed and crinkle your nose?
Would you prance in a room and command every eye, or gracefully enter all quiet and shy?

As I dream of the little girl happy and free.
The sweet little girl that I wish you could be.
I'm reminded these images flooding my mind
Are just that, fleeting moments where I'm hoping to find
A connection to you where my heart can hold on.
Forgetting for once that you're actually gone.

While I know this September you'll be turning three,
My heart knows forever my baby you'll be.

Heather Maureen Greene
Thoughts and Prayers for the Greene family on the birthday of their daughter.

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