Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday letters

Dear boyfriend,
I'm going to force you to watch Titanic with me tonight...and you're going to love it!!
Dear taco salad I had for lunch yesterday,
Heartburn over 24 hours later...really?? Not ok.
Dear guests of the wedding I'll be bartending tomorrow night,
Please tip well. Thanks.
Dear Steph,
I can't wait for your bachelorette party! Even if it's not until the end of September.
Dear Miranda,
I loved our talk today. I wish it could still be like college where I saw you almost everyday and we could hang out whenever we wanted. But life happened and I miss you and Kenzie Jo soooo much! Hopefully Rayce and I can tailgate with you guys soon!
Dear Kenzie Jo,
Can you go back to being this size please?
Dear monster zit on my chin,
You are so not necessary. Get lost.
Hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day weekend!

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