Sunday, September 23, 2012

My heart hurts

So remember this post? If not you should probably go read it...
There's no way to really do any kind of intro to what happened...her husband, Nick passed away last night in a car accident.
They were married for not even 4 months.
I heard the news from a friend and instantly started crying. My heart is breaking for my friend and there isn't anything I can do to make it better. It's not fair that such awful things happen to such good people.
This is the night they started dating...Maddie's 21st birthday.
You're not supposed to die before you're a newlywed...with your own successful business...a new almost finished house...I sit here in tears thinking of what my friend is feeling right now. But she's strong. She will get through this.
I'm glad to have known Nick and I'm happy that he made one of my best friends so happy for the time they were together. Rest in peace, Nick!!

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  1. Oh my, i am so sorry to hear of your friends tragic loss, can't even begin to imagine what she must be going through. Whilst she'll be full or hurt and sorrow, tell her to hold on to the happy times and the memories as they'll stay with her forever. xxx