Friday, October 12, 2012

I suck at blogging

I haven't posted a thing on this blog in over a week...shamefull! I wanted to blame it on my vacation but let's face it...I've been home since Tuesday. It's Friday. Whoops. I like to look at pictures when I read  stalk other peoples' blogs, so here's a little photo dump from my vacay to North Carolina!
Mom, me, my sister Mal
 Totes normal...right?
 Me and Lela...such a peanut!

 My mama and me :) A couple people recently told me I look like her...opinions?

 My cousin Rose...she looked stunning!
 Mal and her man Will gettin' jiggy with it
 Cousins. There's about 40 of us total but most of them weren't at the reception.
 The view from our beach house at Kure Beach

 Me and my man on his birthday, which was Tuesday the 9th. This was before our dinner at Texas Roadhouse...mmm. Happy 25th lover!

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