Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just thoughts

One thing I've been thinking about since I got off work and found out...the two little girls' bodies that went missing from Evansdale, Iowa (not even 10 minutes from where I live) 5 months ago were found in the woods by some hunters.
It makes me sick that people can do things like this to children. I won't go into details or start rambling...just please keep these girls and their families in your thoughts and prayers.
I've been feeling a bit sad lately because this will be the first Christmas that I won't be spending with my mom and sister. For my whole life I woke up to open presents with my mom and sister...sitting on the floor divvying out the presents...taking turns opening them one by one. Even after my parents divorced, Christmas morning was me, mom, and mal. Every year. This year is different. They are in North Carolina and I'm in Iowa. I so wish that I could fly out and be with them for Christmas but I can't afford it right now. The positive side...I'll be spending Christmas with Rayce and his family, and also my dad.
This was Christmas last year
Christmas morning a few years ago...don't mind my fat ass :)
Looking super cute...who cares?! Santa came!!
Found this gem as I was looking through my Facebook pictures. What a nice family photo :) My sister and whoever she was seeing at the time (don't even remember his name) and our friend Nick
Two of my roommates my junior year of college. Never too old to play in the snow! Miss these girls!
My friend Brett...he was in a Glee Club Christmas show. Cute.
Ok that very quickly turned into a Christmas photo dump. My apologies. But not really.
Shout out to Rayce for being amazing and taking care of me when I was sick earlier this week. He made me toast (that I couldn't get down,) did the dishes, did laundry, rubbed my back and scratched my head, came home on his lunch break to see how I was doing. Love that man!
I'm in love with my new iphone 4s! I finally got rid of my dinosaur age Blackberry. I'm obsessed with the Bejeweled app. And talking to Siri. And Fatify...holy tub of lard I laugh out loud every time.
I'm loving our little tiny Christmas tree.
That's about all I have for now. Hope you all had a good Wednesday!!

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