Thursday, April 18, 2013

Megan: According to Rayce

Linking up today with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for this awesome idea she came up with! I love it! are the things my boyfriend had to say about his exact words.
*Loves puppies more than most people
*Leaves a trail of belongings everywhere she goes
*Is often forgetful but in a cute funny way
*Can be funny and cute when trying to be serious or mad
*Believes in family first
*Can do bigger and better things but doesn't always know/believe it
*Would look good on her own motorcycle
*Prefers a quiet night in relaxing versus going out and partying
*Favorite place is the beach
*Hates snow and cold weather
*Beautiful even when she just gets out of bed
*Would pay you to be able to stay in bed an extra hour or 2 or 4
*Makes huge sacrifices for other people just because she cares
*Has an unhealthy addiction to carbs, Monster, and blogs
*Tries hard to get into my hobbies
*Loves board games and family time and is the biggest advocate for family game time
*Is truly the most caring, nice, and beautiful person I know
*Puts up with me even when I smell
I love this man

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