Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lifestyle change

So this is the first time I've written about Rayce and my "lifestyle change." We went from sitting on our asses and eating crap to working out an average of 5 days a week. We joined a gym on January 3rd and have been going faithfully ever since.
You can kind of see a bicep there!
I'm obviously really happy that we are doing this, but I'm also super frustrated. I've lost 2 pounds. In 4ish months. Is it just me or is that not normal? I've been working hard. Cardio and lifting weights. I can tell that I'm stronger and a little more toned...but I want the fat gone and I feel like it's not going anywhere.
For my cardio I use the elliptical (bumping up my resistance to about 12), the stationary bike, and the treadmill. Until this week I'd been walking on an incline because I'm scared of running, honestly. I have asthma (and I'm just really out of shape) and I can't breathe when I run and it's scary for me. This week I was able to run a mile without stopping..twice! So exciting!
   I walked the first 2 minutes...11 minute mile is good for me!

I just feel like with the amount of cardio I do and eating healthy, I should have lost weight by now! I try to not be negative and get down about it but it's really really hard. I know I'm doing good for my body and for my life but I want to see results!



  1. I totally understand. I was running miles every day and not losing any weight. I found, for me at least, being on a pretty strict diet, no sugar, and adding in more weights and abs definitely helped me. I find when I work out a ton but don't eat well my weight stays the same no matter how much cardio and gym time I put in.

    1. Yeah I think I may have to get more strict with my eating...that's the only reason I can think of! I do eat healthy...but maybe I'll have to cut out sugar completely :(