Thursday, June 13, 2013

Letter to my 21 year old self

Linking up with Holly and Jake today!
 Dear 21 year old Megan,
Even though I want your 21 year old ready for Spring Break in South Padre body back...
you were really quite a dumbass this year.
Pretty much only because you continued to date someone you KNEW was bad for you. For the love of God...why would you date/continue to date someone that had a drinking problem and was not nice to you when he was drunk. He will be a very bad influence on you, and your dumb ass will let him convince you to go out to the bar (and smoke a few cigarettes) every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday when you really didn't want to. He had drinking problems, mommy issues, PTSD from being in Iraq and I know you really wanted to help him...but you can't help someone that doesn't want help. Don't every put up with someone treating you badly. (Why it took more than one of these relationships to figure that out is yet to be figured out)
One thing I want to commend you on, is not giving into pressue. Pressure from men boys. Up until you started dating the a-hole I already talked about, you desperately wanted a relationship and looked at every guy you met as a possible boyfriend. Don't do that. It's ridiculous. You'll kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince in a few years. But I'm proud of you for straight up telling the guys you meet that you're not going to sleep with them. Saved you both a lot of wasted time and effort. So kudos on that.
You'll have a lot of fun with your friends the first couple months of being 21. You should always make time for your friends. Go out, drink, have fun, live it up.

The end.


  1. Not giving in to pressure is commendable and so hard at 21 yrs old! Such a great letter!

  2. You looked like a wild child. I love it!!