Friday, October 26, 2012

So....uh, you wanna be friends?

This subject comes up with Rayce and I pretty often and we can't seem to fix it.
Basically, we have no friends in the town we live in. All our friends are in our hometown which is 2 hours away. Sucks.
Is it just us or do other people have trouble making friends as adults? It's so hard when there's no "in" like a mutual friend or you work together or something. Rayce and I both don't really care to be social with any of the people we work with or like to go out to bars all that how do we make friends?
Our next door neighbors are a young couple just like us. I really want to just knock on their door and be all like "hey...umm do you wanna be friends with us?" But honestly, that'd be pretty frickin weird. Do I go over and borrow a cup of sugar? Do I invite them over to dinner? I'm so awkward. And shy. So this stuff is hard for me (Rayce is too, double suck)
Rayce's cousin Bryce was over tonight and he told us we should start a card club or something for young couples since we like games and cards and such. do we start something like that when we don't know anyone here?! We live in a college town so it seems like the only thing to do around here is go out and get hammered. While fun every once in awhile...we're definitely past that stage in our lives and want actual friends, not drinking buddies.
So, making friends as adults....suggestions?


  1. Hello hopped over form the chaos hop, I like the look of your blog so I'm following :-)

  2. Your neighbors might be looking for friends also, and not sure how to approach YOU. Id just go knock on their door and say "Hey, we are going to go get something to eat. Would you two like to go?"

  3. Haha I'm with you! New follower from GFC!! Hubby and I have a lot of "friends" in our town, but only 4 we hang out with, the rest are at home an hour away so we're there pretty much every weekend!

  4. I am totally with you on this! I moved to Florida 2 years ago and have made maybe like a handful of really good friends. I grew up in a town knowing lik eeveryone, so it's super wierd being in a big ole' town and all unknown.