Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scavenger hunt 2012!!

So for the past couple of years two of our friends from back home have put together a list of riduculous and some quite inappropriate things and 50-60 people get on teams and go on a scavenger hunt! They give everything on the list a point value and give us 3 hours to get as many points as we can. This year was the first time I participated and it was so much fun!!
1. Someone on the team shave their head...of course my boyfriend volunteered. It's significantly less disgusting than I thought it would be :)
2. Kiss an animal on the lips...not a cat or dog (we had to redo this one because I'm not kissing this little guy's lips)
 3. Picture of someone standing in the shower fully clothed with the water on
4. Picture of someone standing in a body of water. He's standing in the Wapsipinican River which was probably about 40 degrees. I couldn't get my flash to work so he kept having to get in and out of the water...ha I felt a little bad.
 BONUS: Get a tattoo of the words "scavenger hunt" somewhere on your body. This was worth 10 points. And yes, this is an actual tattoo. And yes, this is being done in someone's house...on his ass. Bent over Rayce's lap. What are friends for?
 5. Picture of everyone on the team doing a shot at a bar

6. Picture with the saber in the park (our mascot is a sabertooth tiger)
 7. Picture of someone's hand in animal poo...I have no words

8. Stand on a stop sign
9. Picture of two girls kissing (pervs) This is my friend's mom...not that weird right? Right before this his dad (in the background) said "I better kiss her first to make sure it's ok" and planted one right on me...what can I say, old men (and women?) love me. 

10. Put a political sign in Keith Walker's yard. Bonus point if you get a picture with Keith and the sign.

11. Standing in a boat
 12. Picture of the Quigley sign

 Back to 2. Kissing an animal.

 13. Find a woman whose hair is shorter than everyone on your team's hair. Rayce's mom...but her hair is totally longer than the guy's hair
 14. Riding a hot wheels
 15. Kissing a pregnant belly
 16. Licking a nipple ring. Right before our time was up we didn't have this one done...so what do they do? Get a safety pin and pierce Jared's nipple. I'm sure it's nice and infected now.
There were more that didn't require pictures because we brought them back to the judges like find indian corn, a bag of unopened chips, a scoop shovel, a mushroom, a live bug (that someone had to eat in front of the judges) and some other things that I can't think of now.
It might sound crazy to people that don't know us or anyone that participated...but I promise, it's not even weird at all. It was a really good time to hang out and get weird with some good friends!
Have you done anything crazy lately??

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog and I laughed out loud at this Scavenger Hunt. In high school when we were bored (small town), we would all write down crazy things and put them in a hat and "Voila - Scavenger Hunt!" One year we to had to find a couch sitting outside and take a picture sitting on it...random. BUT, ours were never as good as this list you've got going on here. I can't believe someone really tattooed that on his ass? And a safety-pin nipple ring?? This makes me feel old...lol.