Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's link up!

In honor of this love day I'm linking up with Hallie at Life: Oceanside to tell you about Rayce and I!

The questions:

1.) How did you meet your significant other?

So our town has a thing called's just a street festival type thing. I was with my friend Emilie...he was with his friend Brock. Emilie knew both Brock and Rayce from riding the bus so we all met up that night. Rayce says we first met outside a church but I don't remember this part ha. All I remember was the four of us sitting in a booth at Hardees. Then when I got to high school the next year we had spanish and gym/study hall together.

Us in high school

2.) What/where was your first date?

We didn't really have one. I was visiting Iowa for Christmas when I lived in NC and I ended up spending the entire time with Rayce. We went on a party bus, to a New Years party, and to visit my friend and her family for a weekend, along with other random stuff.


3.) What's your best relationship advice?

Don't be selfish or disrespectful. Rayce and I were just talking about this the other night. I asked him if he thought it was weird how we don't fight because it seems like many of the couples we know fight all the time. He made the point that a big reason people fight is because someone is being selfish. You need to be able to comprimise and not always thinking about yourself. It's not all about you!

4.) What is your most embarrassing moment in front of your SO?
I can't think of one! I mean...I've known him forever and we were friends forever so he's always known that I'm silly and weird. He gets it. And he loves it! I don't really get embarrased with him...unless I let out a giant fart or something. Then I probably would be. (Hasn't happened yet!)

5.) What most attracts you to your SO?

He's just so good. That sounds dumb but it's true. He's just so damn good to me. One really big thing for me is that he doesn't ever put me down or disrespect me. My dad was disrespectful to my mom which always made me so angry. Guys I dated before Rayce were disrespectful to me...I've just seen it too much. It's not ok! My ex boyfriend actually threw all my cd's out the window of my car once because he didn't like my music. I KNOW!!! The entire time I've known Rayce (10+ years) he hasn't been rude or disrespectful to me one time. He's just a very very good, genuine person.

 Mmmm that scruff. I love it!

6.) If a movie was made about your SO, what actor/superhero would play their part?
I honestly have no idea. I'll go with Patrick Dempsey because he's sexy and a race car driver. Rayce is sexy and loves cars...close enough?

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