Monday, August 26, 2013

Diamond Dash!

Saturday Rayce and I participated in the "Midwest's largest scavenger hunt" put on by a big jewelry store in our hometown. The 1st place winners won a $10,000 diamond ring. It was awesome. It was also the most exhausting thing I've physically done maybe ever.
We had to download an app for it that gave us our clues to the next destination. At every destination we had to either answer a question, perform a task, or play a little game. There were 29 destinations all over town. That's a lot. It ended up being around 7 miles which I was not prepared for. We started at the jewelry store and our first destination was the high school which was the furthest we had to run the whole time. When we got there Rayce had to put on a tutu and go around a jungle gym thing.
This is our friend Brandon...I suck and didn't take any pictures of me and Rayce...I'm real sad and pissed about it
We had to go to a bar and play beer pong until we got 3 balls in the cups. We had to go to the gym and do behind the back medicine ball toss things. We had to go to the park and bob for apples. We had to pick up crickets and move them from box to box. We had to stick our hands in a porta potty (a brand new one, thank god) and pull stuff out of it. And a ton more fun stuff! It was long and hot and sweaty and I thought I was going to die at least 22 times but it was really fun to do as a couple.
It showed that we are a really good team. I literally wanted to quit when we got to the high school...the very first stop. But Rayce encouraged me the whole time and told me how good I was doing. One time I told him to go ahead of me and that I'd catch up and he said nope, we're doing this together. It was really nice that he wanted to do it with me as much as I wanted to with him. He didn't get mad when I had to walk or take a break. He asked a stranger for water out of his hose because we ran out and I was thirsty. He gave me one of his socks and did the race with one bare foot because I was getting a blister.
He's pretty great :)
We didn't win diamond ring, or the trip to Hawaii or Vegas, or the fancy watches. We actually didn't win anything. But it was really really fun and that's all that matters!

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