Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get to know the boyfriend

Awhile back Rayce made a list of random shit about me for a link up and I loved it. So, for shits and gigs I'm going to make a list of random shit about Rayce.

And go.
Falls asleep within seconds (usually)
Hates any vegetable besides potatoes and corn
Pushes glasses up with index's the cutest
Freak about dishes. He hates water spots so when he washes dishes he spends like 34 minutes per dish...I won't complain
Not a dog's an issue
Very family oriented
Could talk about cars and motorcycles for days and days...not even exaggerating
Gets the giggles when drunk
Plays with my hair/scratches my head at night because he knows I love it
Makes the best pancakes
Not a sports fan...except for racing (not Nascar) and UFC fights
Only alcohol he will drink is Jagermeister mixed with Monster...(vomit)

Hates his nose and his glasses touched...not allowed!

Knows a little about a lot...he's had a lot of different jobs that have given him great experience in a lot of things

Names animals. Usually wants to name them Steve. Whether it be the wild bunnies in our back yard or the neighbor's horse.

Always browsing Craigslist for his next car/motorcycle purchase. It's out of control. Boys and their toys...

Makes a ton of sacrifices for me and his family

Treats me better than I probably deserve and loves me for my crazy ass self

The end.

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